Build Wooden Train of Your Childhood Dreams with UGears Train Set

If you’re looking for wooden train kit to build a wooden train of your childhood dreams, then UGears 440 steam locomotive with tinder is the right fit for you.  You can visit  to see yourself or know more about wooden train kit of UGears. The model was inspired by the steam engine of the 19th century and it is the best way to celebrate and enjoy the steam-power era. The model features –

  • Rubber-band motor
  • Ingenious system
  • Fully-equipped engineer’s cab
  • Retraceable step ladder
  • Art-deco boiler trim
  • The tender that features functioning doors

There are so many mechanical models from UGears, but this wooden train kit is one of the most complex and largest that give true fun to wooden train fans.

But, the good news is that UGears provide an instructional manual to help you build the wooden train with ease. In the manual, you will find that each step is described in 3-d colored pictures along with quite detailed as well as cleat written directions. Even though it takes a long time to assemble this wooden kit, you will have great fun during the process.

No matter which mechanical model you purchase from UGears, every component produce real-life motion as parts are completely functional.

The best thing about UGears wooden models is that their building kits are two-in-one: a toy and puzzle. You will be too excited to assemble it and once the assembly process completes, the set evolves into the trendy toys that looks like a real one to kids and adults.

There are also many other reasons why you should give a shot to UGears wooden train kit-

  • Natural Materials – The model is designed using natural wood and that’s why it will surely last for many years. Moreover, it put no harm to the environment as UGears models are recyclable.
  • High-quality – UGears 440 steam locomotive is made of plywood boards that are of high-quality and designed using correctly cut-parts. Plus, a high-accuracy laser cut method is used to ensure quality.
  • Design – Design is the part where UGears stands out. The wooden train kit is elegant, and beautiful that can makes everyone to have a one-shot. You will get the experience of real-motion mechanics.
  • Assembly – No doubt, the assembly of wooden train kit from UGears is a little bit difficult, but if you follow the instructional manual in the right way, then you can do it with ease. The best part is that you only need two hands and no other additional tools are required for assembly.

There is also a one-year warranty period for part replacement. Plus, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you aren’t happy with your purchase, then you are allowed for exchange, or simply return it back to UGears and get your money back.

If you’re thinking about giving UGears wooden train kit as a present to your special one, then they also offer gift packaging services along with personalized message card.

Have a look at UGears wooden models yourself by visiting