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Understanding the Common Mop Types

Cleaning the floor is important if you want to maintain its look. Aside from maintaining its look, cleaning the floor will also prevent the surface from getting scratched or warped. Ultimately, cleaning the floor can reduce the buildup of debris, which can damage it over time.

The trick to maintaining floor cleanliness is the right kind of mop. There are tons of mops available. If you pick the wrong one, it can do more harm than good. With this, it is essential that you understand the common mop types so you can identify the right one for your floor. Here are the common types of mop:cleaning services

Flat Mops

Flat mops are considered the most popular because it is the go-to item for everyday mopping. It has a flat head with an attached reusable or disposable pad. Many homeowners prefer this because it is easy to use – it only requires little effort to set up.

This mop is great for cleaning corners but it can have trouble scrubbing food particles that are stuck without pretreatment. The best thing about is they are easy to store and they are not expensive to buy or replace.

Dust Mops

Dust mops are used to clean ceilings, walls, floors and light fixtures. With this, it is considered versatile. You can recognise this mop because it has usually long handle thereby allowing you to reach the cobwebs and dusty fans. This mop can be made from different materials like microfiber and other synthetics.

Dust mops are perfect for dry cleaning. Keep in mind that they are not designed to be a wet cleaning tool. You can dispose of or reuse the mop heads. For reusable mop heads, make sure that you wash and dry it separately from other laundries.

Sponge Mops

Sponge mop comprises a spongy head with an attached wringer. The head may be removed for easier replacement or rinsing. Sponge mops are ideal for cleaning the tile. However, you have to maintain it properly to avoid the spreading of bacteria.

To maintain it, you should rinse the mop thoroughly when you finish the floors. To completely dry the mop, place it in an upright position. If not properly handled, the mop can breed bacteria. If you notice that the sponge starts to break apart or smell, it is imperative that you replace the mop head.

String Mops
String mops are traditional and it is made of cotton. These mops are good to use because of its scrubbing power and absorbency. String mops will make getting into corners a breeze. They are very inexpensive also.

However, string mops are difficult to maintain. This mop is challenging to wash and dry. Aside from difficult to wash and dry, string mops also tend to fall apart quickly compared to other types of mops.

Steam Mops

If you want the modern way to clean surfaces, steam mops should be considered. Steam mops are electrical appliances featuring a refillable tank for water. It will heat up the water, which produces steam. The steam will be sprayed through the mopping pad.

This is a good solution if you want to clean and disinfect the floor. However, these mops are expensive and it may not be the best solution for some floor types. With this, you need to check the label carefully.