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Important signs to tell if your house is infested with pests

Pest extermination is a very costly problem, however, the costs of not finding out that there is an infestation early can do a much greater damage eventually considering that pests tend to multiply quickly if left to their own devices, the bigger the infestation, the more it will become costly for you in terms of exterminating it and the damage of your property that you have to deal with in terms of repairs.

Calgary Pest Control

Pests do not leave anything on its path, it nibbles, scratches, contaminate, and break everything it touches and crawls, and the best way to get rid of them and eliminate the effect that they have stamped on your property, however, this is not an easy way as you might expect. You have to be staying in a house that is in the midst of an inevitable pest infestation and you may not even know it.

Pests are sly creatures that love to stay and inhabit in dark and uninhabited areas of your house or your building, they only crawl out at night or there is no human or domesticated animals present such as dogs and cats which results that you will not notice them at all until it is completed late, and your entire property has become its hive, its lair, and its new colony which aside from damaging it, pests can also carry lethal diseases that pose hazard to your health and your loved ones.

In this article from Calgary Pest Control, let us talk about the signs that tell your property has a pest infestation. Usually, it is best to look all over your house or building regularly to ensure that you do not miss anything, and failing it can increase the risks of having an infestation.

The first sign is the noise. Usually pests do not make a lot of noise, and in fact, it is usually quiet. Listening at night is the best way to hear them crawling, scratching or squeaking because night time is where they are very active. Just by putting your ear against your wall will allow you to determine if there are rats living on the other side. Or if you hear scratches on the other side, there might be roaches living there. You can also listen to the noises that your ceiling and your attic or any location where it is possible to hear any unusual crawling noises.

The second sign is the smell considering that pests always leave droppings that have a bad stench especially at high-risk areas such as your kitchen and your basement. If you can catch a whiff of a musky odor that is very unusual, investigating it should be done right away. Pests leave nasty smells especially in its lair or hive considering that this is where also they leave their droppings. If you are able to track down the source of the smell, you should call a pest exterminator right away before it multiplies and takes over your home.

The third sign is that your furniture has chewed parts, garments have holes in it and your wirings have been exposed because it was being chewed. Rodents in particular chew at anything because of its growing teeth that needed to be sharpened and to control its growth as well. High-risk areas such as your living room, kitchen, and your garage are the perfect hiding places of rodents where they can chew anything from food wastes, papers, furniture, plastic materials, and a lot more. It is easy to determine if you have a rodent in your house just by checking chewed parts or shredded papers.