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Learn How Movies Can Help Improve Your English

If you want to improve your English, watching movies is the best way to do so. This will have a great impact on your listening and speaking skills. Usually, movies are not created for those who are learning English. Instead, they are for native English speakers. This is why the language used in these movies are exactly how you hear it when compared to real life. Characters speak quickly and with native accents.

English Movies  – A Way To Learn The English Language

The pronunciation is precise and they might also use idioms and expressions that English language learners are not aware of. However, English language educators suggest that this should not be the only way for someone to learn English. It is still advisable to enroll in a class specifically to learn the English language. But watching English movies, whether in movie theaters or online sites like 123movies 2019, can greatly influence you in a big way.

123 moviesWhich English Movies To Watch

When choosing a film to watch, make sure that it is suitable for your level of English. However, this can be difficult. If say your English level is quite low, pick a movie that you have seen in the past, or maybe a movie specifically made for children. They use simpler words that are easy to understand. But if you have a higher level in English, challenge yourself with films that are more advanced.

No matter what your level is, do not be tempted to turn on the subtitles. This makes you dependent on just reading the words and understanding the context of the scene in your own language, rather than hearing them and understanding what the characters are saying in native English. But if you have to, make sure that you use English subtitles which you can use to read along while listening at the same time.

But remember, reading and listening at the same time can be challenging. Replay parts of the film which you cannot truly understand. This is why it is best to watch movies at home because it lets you rewind the scene over and over again until you fully understand what they are saying. If you can, try watching the film without the subtitles first. Once you are done, watch it again but turn on the subtitles. This way you would know if you translated it correctly on your first try.

Ways On How Movies Can Improve Your English

There are so many ways where watching movies can help improve your English. Here are some of the most important ones that you should know of:

  • Listening. You can hear English used or spoken in the most natural way.
  • If you hear native English speakers talk, this can also improve how you speak the language.
  • This is very challenging especially if you are an English language learner. Listen to how characters pronounce each word and try to mimic most of them as you can. Hearing yourself say the words out loud would be easy for you to remember the pronunciation of the words.

Learning English is very important, especially if you are in countries where English is the first language. So what better way to learn English other than your classes? Watch English movies regularly. This way, you can learn how they speak it and what are the idioms and expressions that they use constantly. Once you learn all these, the accent will just follow.